If there are any dependencies between two pages in your Typo3 website (i.e. referenced content elements), it is possible to trigger a cache refresh on another page if one page changes.
This disengages you from refreshing the cache of the whole website or to switch to the other page and refresh it’s page cache explicitly.

On the page that should trigger the cache refresh insert the following line in the TSconfig on the page properties options tab.
The value is a comma separated list of page ids to trigger the cache refresh on.

TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd = 15,16,14,17

If your want to clear the cache for all pages, e.g. when you have a news box on all of them, you can use the following setting to clear all page caches:

TCEMAIN.clearCacheCmd = all

Finally, this works only for users who have the permission to clear page caches. By default, these are only administrators.
To allow, page cache clearing also for other users or user groups, you should add the following two lines to their TSConfig field:

options.clearCache.pages = 1
options.clearCache.all = 1

Typo3 Trigger cache refresh on other pages when content changes

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