With Microsoft Office 2010 a new management for bibliography references has been introduced. With advanced capabilities and an intuitive handling of the references, it has become comfortable to handle the citations and let word generate the bibliography index.

However, the out-of-the-box styles for bibliography lists and especially for the links within the document that link to the bibliography index are very limited in the office distribution.
To adress this problem, the BibWord project has developed a full package of bibliography styles for Microsoft Word.
The project provides a free package available on it’s website: http://bibword.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Styles
This page includes a link for the download as well as an installation instruction.
It’s simply like extracting the zip archive into a bibliography/style/ directory of your word installation. After a restart of Microsoft Word you are able to use the new bibliography styles.

Bibliography Style in Word 2010

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