Most professional websites place a copyright note in the footer of all sites. Placing this in the html is like nothing. Updating this every year often becomes a mess and is forgotton by time or at least is not done when the new year starts.

With Typo3, you can make this dynamic and specify an automatic year printing in your website template. The following typoscript is able to generate a copyright note such as “© Copyright 2011 Bar54” with 2011 dynamically set to the current year.

# Copyright Note
lib.copyright = COA
lib.copyright {
1 = TEXT
1.value = © Copyright 
2 = TEXT = date:U
2.strftime =%Y
3 = TEXT
3.value =  
4 = TEXT
4.value = Bar54

Instead of the hard coded string Bar54 you can also use {$copyrightText} as a place holder which can be filled in the constants of your website as (copryrightText = XYZ).

Typo3 Copyright Note with Automatic Year Update

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