Note: There is a newer blog post providing more recent hints for integration: Mendeley and LaTeX / BibTeX

Mendeley is very good literature reference management software and provides a good export for Bibtex reference files. However, some interactions between those tools does not work out-of-the-box.

Mendeley allows for managing Webpage entries. Those are exported to @misc entries in the Bibtex file. While managing a URL field in Mendeley, the resuting url = http://… field in the @misc-entry is not included in the processed LaTex document referencing the according entry.

But this can be fixed. @misc-entries support a field named “howpublished”. This field does not exist in Mendeley’s field schema. But there is a field in Mendeley called “Medium” to put in the “medium in which the publication has been published”. So as you might guess, the value of this field is exported into Bibtex’s “howpublished”-field.

1. activate the Medium-field for webpage entries in the tool options:


(Tools > Options > Document Details)

2. Put the webpage’s Url in the medium-field

3. Export your Bibtex file and render the document.

That’s all. You will get your webpage url presented on the generated document.

Mendeley: Webpage Entry URLs in Bibtex Export

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