I recently faced a Typo3 installation with some troubles to load the rich text editor. Opening a content element with a rich text editor field as for example the simple text content element, only states “Editor is beeing loaded. Please wait…”. That’s all….
Only the full screen mode of the editor worked correctly.

Enabling the RTE debug mode resulted in the following output:

[HTMLArea::init]: Editor url set to: sysext/rtehtmlarea/htmlarea/
[HTMLArea::init]: Editor skin CSS set to: sysext/t3skin/rtehtmlarea/htmlarea.css?1286354401
[HTMLArea::init]: Editor content skin CSS set to: sysext/t3skin/rtehtmlarea/htmlarea-edited-content.css?128635440

what is nearly nothing compared to the debug output normally produced by the RTE.

After some further investigation into the problem I figured out that the problem resulted from a conflict with the extension date2calendar.
The Typo3 installation was previously updated to a version greater then Typo3 4.4. Since that release, the extension date2calendar is not supported any longer.
After de-installing and deleting the extension from the server everything was fine again.

Typo3 Rich Text Editor is not loaded – Conflict with date2calendar

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