CoolUri is one of the famosts Typo3 extensions for search engine and user friendly urls. The default configuration of the extension makes use of a page’s name to generate an accoring URL segment.

If you are working on a website with a german language support in the frontend, it might happen, that some pages have a German umlaut in their page name. The default configuration of CoolUri results in URL segments that are cutted off at the first occurence of a German umlaut. To solve this problem, you will need to change the character conversion mode in the configuration.

Open your CoolURI.conf file and search for the string
Replace it with the string

Furthermore, search for the xml tag <pagepath> And add another <t3conv>1</t3conv> inside this tag.

When this is done and you saved the file, open the CoolUri module on the left and choose “Delete Everything and start again” on the “Delete/Update all” tab.

Typo3: CoolURI Cuts Off URLs at German Umlauts

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