The new SVN Version 1.8 comes with a new svn meta file format. For example, if you are using Tortoise SVN you might be asked to upgrade your svn directory to version 1.8.

In your Eclipse IDE, a wide spread svn support is the default Subversion feature available on the Eclipse Update site. The subversive SVN support has a connector infrastructure to choose from different implementations of the svn protocol.

If you did upgraded your SVN resources to SVN Version 1.8, you might notice your Eclipse SVN support does not like it anymore. Checking the Eclipse update site, even the Kepler one does not provide an SVN 1.8 compatible connector.

The good news: Polarion already provides 1.8 compatible connectors but they did not fit into the Kepler release train timing. To install the new 1.8 compatible connectors, download the latest connectors zip archive from (Version 3.0.3 at the time of writing the article).

Next, open your Eclipse IDE, choose Help > Install new Software …
Choose the connectors local file as update site archive:


and install the SVN 1.8 supporting connectors. If possible, you should also update your main connector feature.


At the end of the installation you should restart your Eclipse IDE. If the subversion support for your SVN 1.8 projects does not work out of the box, you might need to activate the new connector as the default one. Go to Window > Preferences, switch to the svn preference section and select the 1.8 compatible svn connector:


You might to restart again and there you go …

Eclipse Subversive Connectors for SVN 1.8

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